An Amazing History


Arizona's First Housing

The earliest known residential real estate in Arizona is hundreds of years old. Apartment living was the common theme in those early days, though we are quite certain that amenities common today were non-existent. No swimming pools, golf courses, elevators, air conditioning, heating, or for that matter, even windows, though there were a few open spaces that allowed the free flow of fresh air.

Probably you would not choose to live this way, though there were some advantages. Imagine a world without HOAs, rent or mortgages, with no taxes and never having to worry that someone is blocking your parking space.  

If your idea of home includes a few more amenities than our predecessors enjoyed, contact me and we can discuss your wants and needs. There is a place to call your own in Arizona regardless of your budget.

DIY Searches
These days, most people like to surf the web to research real estate. Just keep in mind there is only one primary source of information, the MLS. This is where all realtors post their listings and ensure that the status of the listing is current. However, the secondary sources most people use are not as up to date or accurate as the MLS which was closed to the public, but now you too, can have direct access through a dedicated website, and/or an app on your smart phone. Contact me today and I'll set it up for you..